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  • $69

    Save the Life of a Child – $69

    Your gift can provide life-saving Medika Mamba to a child in Haiti, supplementation to one pregnant mother with Mamba Djanm for seven months or help purchase aflatoxin-resistant peanut seeds for farmers in our training and education programs.


    Support a Clinic – $138

    Your gift can provide live-saving Medika Mamba to two children in Haiti, help purchase field scales for our "last mile" clinics or provide the resources to purchase more than 200 lb of locally-sourced Haitian peanuts.

    Support a Farmer – $225

    Your gift can provide life-saving Medika Mamba to three children in Haiti or support a local farmer with the resources, tools, seeds and instruction that will result in increased yields and income.

    Support a School – $500

    Your gift can provide life-saving Medika Mamba to seven children in Haiti, supply Vita Mamba, a nutritional school snack, to 10 children everyday during the school year or purchase more than 700 lb of locally sourced Haitian peanuts.

    Research & Development – $1,000

    Your gift can provide life-saving Medika Mamba to 14 children in Haiti, supply important resources for continued research and development or support the expansion and maintenance of farmer demonstration plots used for education, research and testing.

    Jobs & Training – $3,000

    Your gift can provide life-saving Medika Mamba to 43 children in Haiti, provide resources for the on-the-job training of Haitian employees or provide a school with Vita Mamba, a fortified snack, for one year.

    One Peanut at a Time – $5,000

    Your generous gift can supply life-saving Medika Mamba to over 70 children in Haiti and will allow Meds & Food for Kids to continue its important mission of providing a sustainable solution for a brighter, healthier Haiti - one peanut at at time.

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    Your gift can save a child, enable training and education for a farmer, provide nutritional snacks to school children, supplement a pregnant mother, support jobs or provide resources.  No matter the amount, you can give today knowing your gift will help MFK change the future of Haiti one employee at a time, one farmer at a time, one mother at a time and one child at a time.