Our current campaign is our 2015 Summer Appeal! Consider making an investment in the future generation of Haiti – provide Vita Mamba to a child for the school year by clicking here. Watch our video to learn more:

A Plan For Haiti


Medika Mamba has a more than 90% success rate of curing malnutrition. Malnutrition in Haiti is the result of a combination of factors, most of which are not addressed by rescue operations and handouts.

Jobs & Training

By providing jobs for Haitian people, we help to break the cycle of poverty that leads to malnutrition. Medika Mamba is made in Cap Haitien, Haiti.


By purchasing raw materials in Haiti and sharing knowledge with farmers about how to improve their crops, we help develop markets and encourage production and growth. MFK agronomists work with farmers, helping to improve the quality of their peanuts and their yield.

Research & Development

MFK engages in research to development to test the efficacy of RUTF products for use in a spectrum of nutritional deficiencies. In addition, MFK works with local farmers and partners to test varieties of peanuts and farming strategies that will help farmers improve yields and produce peanuts free from aflatoxins.
Latest News

An Experiment: Increasing Yields Through Crop Rotation

It’s peanut harvest here in the North and North East region of Haiti, and while we are already busy gathering peanuts from our local farmers and partner we have to constantly be planning for the future. The end of one…
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