Saving Lives

First, we must treat malnourished kids with our proven Ready-to-Use-Therapeutic Food product, Medika Mamba (Peanut Butter Medicine in Haitian Creole).

Meet Marie-Ange


Two-and-a-half year old Marie-Ange was admitted to the Medika Mamba treatment program at the Haiti Rescue center weighing 13 lbs. Her seven-year-old brother, Ronel, and sister Wideline were admitted as well. Marie-Ange’s parents worked for two weeks to get together the $1.60 US, so they could have medical charts made for the children. After Medika Mamba treatment, Marie weighed a healthy 20 lbs and graduated from the program along with her brother and sister.


What's in Medika Mamba?
Medika Mamba is a RUTF (Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food) made of ground roasted peanuts, powdered milk, cooking oil, sugar, vitamins and minerals.

How long does treatment take?
A typical treatment program for one child lasts 6-8 weeks and takes 25 pounds of Medika Mamba.

How effective is Medika Mamba?
Within six weeks of starting treatment, 85% of children on Medika Mamba recover, far better than the 25% survival rate with older milk-based treatments.

How much does treatment cost?
$69 covers the cost of a full Medika Mamba treatment, saving the life of one child.


For organizations looking to purchase Medika Mamba for use in their programs, find treatment protocol information here.

5-weeks on Medika Mamba.
These four boys were admitted on the same day to the Real Hope for Haiti Rescue Center, a facility that dispenses Medika Mamba, suffering from acute malnutrition. After a few weeks on Medika Mamba, they gained weight, became stronger and healthier.

To learn more:

Medika Mamba Protocol Kreyol translation.pdf

Medika Mamba Technical DATA sheet

Mamba Djanm Technical DATA sheet 

MFK Program Protocols (English) 2011

MFK Program Protocole (French) 2011

Growth Problems in Children

Flow Chart of Screening

Simplified chart Weight for Length, Girls 0-2 yrs

Simplified chart Weight for Length,Boys 0-2yrs

Simplifed chart Weight for Height, Girls 2-5yrs

Simplified chart Weight for Height, Boys 2-5yrs

WL and WH Field Tables Boys & girls

Medika Mamba Dispensing Guide (English) 2011-1

Medika Mamba Dispensing Guide (Francais) 2011

Contract to use Medika Mamba (English)

Contract to use Medika Mamba (Creole)

CTC Field Manual

Intake Form