Developing Haiti—Creating Jobs and Skilled Workers

We must create more jobs for Haitians so that they can lift themselves out of the poverty that leads to malnutrition. MFK’s employees stretch the money they earn at our factory to help cover basic needs for their extended families.

People are ready to work, but with few training programs and educational opportunities available, many are hindered by limited knowledge and outdated resources. When Meds & Food for Kids can share knowledge and train workers in specific areas, not only are we meeting our need for people who can help us effectively deliver our mission, but we are also building human capacity.


Meet Therese

Therese is one of the six employees first hired by MFK in 2003. Therese started out as a peanut buyer and has learned different tasks like using a solar-powered peanut roaster and peanut sorting techniques. At home, Therese cares for ten children, four of her own and six of her husband’s. All 12 people share two rooms. Therese’s husband works at the local airport carrying bags, earning a few gourds (Haitian currency) per day, but Therese is the only person in her household with a steady job. None of her children, even those who are married, have jobs. There is no work to be found.

Raw Materials
Jean-Marie and Jamie Rhoads load peanuts from the field to take to the Meds & Food for Kids Factory for sorting and processing.