The Solution

Malnutrition in Haiti is the result of a combination of factors, most of which are not addressed by rescue operations and handouts. While the needs are great, a permanent, sustainable solution for Haiti is within reach. MFK’s four-pronged plan not only saves lives, but puts Haiti on the path to a stronger future.

Meds and Food for Kids’ approach is to use local labor and local resources to manufacture Medika Mamba, a treatment for malnutrition, which in turn develops the local economy.

Our current factory can’t keep up with the demand for Medika Mamba. A larger, more efficient Meds & Food for Kids factory will not only save more lives through increased production, but will have a deeper impact on the country’s economy, by employing and training more Haitian workers and using more Haitan raw materials.


Our Four-Part Plan


First, we must treat malnourished kids with our proven Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food product, Medika Mamba (“Peanut butter medicine” in Haitian Creole). LEARN MORE


We must create more jobs for Haitians so that they can lift themselves out of the poverty that leads to malnutrition. LEARN MORE


People are ready to work, but with few training programs and educational opportunities available, many are hindered by limited knowledge and outdated practices. LEARN MORE


By purchasing raw materials in Haiti and sharing knowledge with farmers about how to improve their crops, we help develop markets and encourage production and growth. LEARN MORE

We’d welcome the chance to tell you more about Haiti and our plans to help build a brighter future there. Please contact Stephanie Grant at 314-799-9072 or with questions or to set up a meeting.

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